If you have ever wished you could undo the past, you're not alone...

Let His Mind Do All the Work

"I'll never forget the look on his face..."

"The stunned way he looked at me right after I said something awful to him. It was so stupid, I don't know why I said that....

"He got so quiet. I immediately wanted to take my words back. I rushed to apologize, but it was no use. The damage was done.

"After four months together, it was over like that.

"He didn't even bother to officially end it. He broke off all contact.

"He ignored all my attempts to explain or even talk to him."

Those moments you wish you could take back...

"I broke up with him out of frustration... hoping he'd come running back to me.

"I really didn't want things to end.

"But he accepted the breakup without question. He didn't even try to get me back.

"Now he's moved on. And I can't get past my regrets."

When it means the most, that's when you can sometimes screw up the worst.

All the love you have for him; all the deep understanding you have of who he is, and all the time you've invested in this man goes right out the window.

If you're a perfect person who has never made one mistake with a man that you deeply regret, then you don't need to listen to me!

But if you have ever made a mistake with a man that worries you to no end... that you replay in your mind again and again...

You can fully recover from this disaster.

You can change his image of you. You can regain his interest - by letting his mind do all the work.

Now how is this possible?

When you let his mind do all the work, you reframe your image in his mind. You recover from that relationship blunder and repair the damage to how he sees you.

The Most Painful Question I Am Asked

I get this one PAINFUL question over and over:

"Is it possible to recover from an embarrassing mistake with a man?

"And is it possible to recover from a HORRIBLE mistake with a man??

Here's the good news - the answer is usually YES!

I'm about to show you that this is absolutely TRUE.

So, what are some of the most common relationship blunders?

Let's take a quick look at some typical RELATIONSHIP BLOOPERs:

How Bad Can Things Get? Pretty Bad!

Calling him too often (stop chasing him so he can chase YOU)

Asking him where this relationship is going (oh no, you didn't)

Spilling your guts to him about anything (save it for your shrink)

Getting overly emotional at the wrong time (meanwhile he wasn't)

Angry outbursts (that wasn't yelling, that was loud talking)

Rudeness (yikes - did he see your claws?)

Acting insecure and clingy (further driving him away)

Bringing up the subject of commitment WAY too soon

Talking too much about the future (he says he's not ready)

Telling him about your past (now he knows too much!!)

And those are just the little mistakes - other mistakes include showing rage, cheating on him, and other relationship nightmares!

Somehow you have found me on the internet... the one and only website devoted to fixing the mistakes that ruin your love life.

Here's some good news that is more important than you may realize: Men are very forgiving.

Men don't see things the way WE see them - thank goodness!

And men's opinions of you can be shaped by your current behavior, regardless of your past behavior. There really IS hope.

What I Want To Show You

How to regain a man's interest when he is spending less and less time with you - or has stopped seeing you completely.

What to do if you said "I Love You" first - but now wish you had waited. Yes, you should avoid saying "I love you" first, and here's how to recover the magic if your man has distanced himself after you said those three little words.

Did you come on too strong with the man you want? You're not alone. This happens to so many women. Here's how to turn that around, as if it never happened.

Why you definitely should not sleep with your man too soon (or until he marries you, depending on your religious beliefs). Here's what to do if you did sleep with him too soon and now he has lost interest in you.

How to know which mistakes you can recover from, and when to cut your losses.

Emergency "damage control" to recover from a serious blunder.

Mimi Tanner's work is loved by readers worldwide. She is best known for her daily email column, and for Secrets of Flirting with Men, Calling Men, and Hard To Get - The Timeless Art of Conquering His Heart.

  How to reinvent your image in his eyes - it can be done!

Again, MOST "Man Mistakes" are fixable - I'll tell you why, and I'll show you exactly HOW you can do it.

How to regain your man's interest, even if you have lost it.

What about drinking too much on a date? Some women do things when they're drunk that they deeply regret later. Find out how women have recovered from this fiasco.

How to avoid mistakes on a date - find out where the real problem is coming from and WHY men get turned off so quickly. You may be shocked to recognize the mistakes you have been making, and how you may have been coming across to men!

Why you should not reveal too much personal information about yourself in the beginning, and what to do if you already have done this.

What if you said or did something you deeply regret? What should you do?

What if you have cheated on your man? How to understand the way men truly feel about cheating -why you should never make this mistake, and what you can do to fix it if you already have.

How to avoid desperation in your secret "self-talk" thinking so you can shine with confidence.

The Complete Man Mistake Eraser Formula for recovering from your mistakes with men.

How to choose the right kind of man - don't make the biggest "man mistake" by choosing a loser who will cause you to regret your choice!

It's all about regaining your power and taking control of the situation - in a loving, feminine, and charming way. He'll only know that the girl he fell for is "back"!

You will see the change in how men respond to you immediately WHEN you sincerely apply these teachings!

We all feel like we've made mistakes with men. Man Mistake Eraser will change the way you look at your relationships and how you handle them - for good!

Some of the biggest disasters in relationships happen at the very beginning. Because of this, a relationship that might have been promising - never gets off the ground. Things stop even before they start!

I received this question:

Dear Mimi,

Could you let myself and others know if there is any way of redeeming yourself when you realize you've already revealed too much?

-- C."

What C. is talking about is "TMI" - when you reveal Too Much Information about yourself, or the wrong kind of information, too early in a relationship.

"To Tell or Not To Tell" - what and when, how much and why - is truly important. If you underestimate what your man can hear - and when - it can end up hurting you even more than it hurts him.

This topic is thoroughly covered in my program "Man Mistake Eraser."

When you are falling in love with a new man, your own strong feelings can lead you to believe that he has an incredible insight into your heart. This alone can lead you to start telling him your life story starting from Kindergarten.

It can also lead you to think that he is interested in every little detail of your day.

Once you head down that road, you're heading for trouble.

He doesn't need to know about your allergies, phobias, or medications!

In sickness and in health starts when you say "I do," but NOT when "it's just lunch"!!

It's not just the little things like your yukky boss or the outstanding warrant that are "too much information too soon." :)

More often, we tend to spill the beans on other things that are even closer to the heart.

One of the main ways this happens is by getting too SERIOUS too soon. This is a true relationship-killer!

Another bad move is to tell him a lot about your children right away. He'll get the idea that you are wondering if he's "stepdad material"!

But we ALL make mistakes. You're heard the old phrase "Love makes fools of us all" - it's so true sometimes.

Can you fix it if you have said things which make a man start to lose faith in your confidence in yourself?

If you love men, as I am sure you do, then you know that men are forgiving creatures... you can reinvent their image of you. It most definitely is possible to do this. Thank goodness...!

Yes, Even Your Love Life Requires Discipline!

There is one way to get rid of a guy fast - even a great guy - when you least want to get rid of him. So let's make sure this does not happen to us.

Don't be the first one to say "I love you."

No one likes the idea of telling a woman that she should, in principle, not be the first one to say "I love you" in a relationship with a man.

However, for many very good reasons, this guideline has stood the test of time - for most situations.

Your feelings are important - but this does not mean that you should always express them right away.

Let's put the odds in your favor, and protect you from the kind of emotional impulses that unfortunately can cause a man to withdraw from you.

Yes, sometimes we do have to exercise discipline and restraint in life to get what we want. This is true when it comes to everything from getting good grades in school to having a fit body to driving a car. We have to follow guidelines and we can't always do what we feel like doing, can we?

From Man Mistake Eraser: Why He Needs to Say "I Love You" First

Here is what NOT to do if you want to keep the interest of a man who has not yet made a commitment to you: in general, the woman should not be the first one to say "I love you"!

You may be feeling this love for him; your love may be true; and it may also be true that he loves you, too. But until HE says these words to you, he is not ready for this huge step forward in your relationship.

As we all know, saying "I love you" is a major milestone in any romantic relationship. To a woman, it is a time for rejoicing. However, if a man is not ready for this, all he will be feeling is pressure when he hears you say those words, EVEN IF HE IS FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU.

Unfortunately, even if he IS in that delicious "falling in love" process, your saying "I love you" first can be like a huge "wake up call" for him. It may cause him to suddenly realize that things are getting VERY serious.

That is part of what you'll discover in Man Mistake Eraser!

One owner of this program wrote this:

"Thank you, Mimi, The session on not saying 'I love you' first is a keeper to be read and re-read over and over again! It is the best advice I've read in a very long time! All women need to know this and remember!"

-- Beth

"Man Mistake Eraser" truly delivers in helping you to recover from mistakes AND to prevent them in the future.

We all feel like we've made mistakes with men. Man Mistake Eraser will change the way you look at your relationships and how you handle them - for good!

In the words of Mimi Tanner: "To err is human... to RECOVER WITH GRACE is.... simply divine!!"

What Women Are Saying about "Man Mistake Eraser"

You go, Mimi! I hope these women "get" what you are saying.

You are a potential life preserver for many, Mimi.....I hope they grab the HUGE BUOY OF INFORMATION  you throw to them as they flail along in the sea of relationships.......you offer them the ways and means to preserve their precious life, sanity, dignity and INTEGRITY!!!!!!



Wanted to give you a thanks for your amazing work. I've purchased almost all of your programs, and today I purchased your "Man Mistake Eraser" guide.

I just want to say, from someone who's read EVERYTHING there is to read about  dating and relationships, nothing comes close to this!!!

Finally, a positive out look and an ANSWER on what to ACTUALLY do instead of pages and pages of junk! I'm a huge fan of yours and will continue to support ANY of your work!


Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Mimi Tanner, and I'm the author of many life-changing programs. I've been transforming women's love lives since 2005. My influence runs deep in the close-knit world of relationship experts. But most importantly for you, my advice works. Just ask the thousands of people who own my programs and have been reading my daily newsletters for almost 2 decades now.

I'm always going one step further in my programs; I'm NOT a big corporation with a team of professional advisors. I'm truly here with you, in my direct advice and my personal consultations, every single day. I keep developing more and new ways to transform your life and make your love life better. It's what I have a mission to do. If you are a fan of my daily emails, you already know this. I'm not like anyone else... and I suspect, if you're reading this, neither are you!

Here's What You Get With 'Man Mistake Eraser: How To Regain A Man's Interest

How One Woman Turned Her Relationship Around. Case Study: How She Got His Interest Back After He Backed Away

How to Get Back Together with a Man You are No Longer Seeing - Exactly What to Say and Do

Why You Don't Need to Be Perfect With Men

Don't Say "I Love You" First: Here's How to Recover If You Said "I Love You" First or Too Soon

Don't Sleep With Him Too Soon - and How To Recover If You Already Made This Mistake and Still Want Him Back

Stinking Drinking: How to Recover When You Have Been "Drunk as a Skunk" In Front of Him and Done Something Embarrassing - also: Men Who Can't Say I Love You Unless They're Three Sheets to the Wind

Choosing the Right Man: How to Recognize the Kind of Man You'll Be Glad You Married - Even If You Divorce Him Someday!

Cheating - The Man Mistake in a Class by Itself. How to Get His Forgiveness and Start Over

Almost-Fatal Man Mistakes: How to Revive Your Relationship

The Complete "Love Potion" for How to Regain a Man's Interest

Special Report: The Role of Attraction: Attraction Covers a Multitude of Sins

Special Report: Damage Control - When You Need to Stop the Bleeding!

BONUS: To Tell or Not To Tell.
How to Recover If You Said Too Much, Too Soon, About Your Past!

A Complete Mini-Book (44 pages). Don't reveal too much about your past too soon - and what to do if he already knows things which make either of you uncomfortable or worse!

You Think This Will Last, So You Reveal Too Much

The Dangers of Revealing the Past

Very Few Men Have the Right to Even Ask About Your Past

Does He Really Need to Know? Why?

Even Wonderful Men Can't Handle the "Past" - More Often Than You Might Think

Men Who Want to Know Your Past for the Wrong Reasons

Men Who Use Your Past Against You

What You Reveal to Him May Not Stay Private

"But I Want To Tell Him About THAT!"

Most Readers Agree: Think Twice about Sharing the Past

What To Do When a Man Wants to Talk About Your Past

Dealing With Regret and Remorse

Virgin or Not? When will that be his business??

When He Wants to Know How Many Men You Have Slept With

The Risks of Being "Open and Honest"

The Difference Between Discretion and Secrets

Medical Issues - what should you talk about, and when?

Should you use humor at a time like this?

How to Talk to Him about Your Past

When He Won't Stop Asking

What if he keeps talking about HIS past?

What to Say When He's Obsessed with his Ex

How To Recover When You've Revealed Too Much Too Soon

Case Studies!

"How To Write a Successful Online Profile"

FREE BONUS admission to my acclaimed class "How To Write a Successful Online Profile" (priced at $29.97)

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"Mimi Tanner is simply one of the best when it comes to writing to women on the art of finding and keeping a great man. She has become well-known on a global scale in a relatively short time. Why? Because she covers highly in-demand subjects with a flair and disarming friendliness that is unequalled."

Relationship Coaches Scot and Emily McKay
Hosts of "X and Y on the Fly" Podcasts

My Guarantee To You

Test out Man Mistake Eraser for a full 60 days. If for some crazy reason you don't love it and want to read it again and again, you have the right to a prompt and courteous refund upon request by email.

But most of the women who own my programs have every one of them and log in again and again, year after year. Find out for yourself.

Right now there are thousands of women all over the world who wish they could fix whatever went wrong, but they still haven't figured it out. Some of them will never be able to move on from this heartbreak or bring him back. Do you want to be one of those women? It's more common than you think.

Unfortunately for them, the answer they were looking for could be so simple.

The right approach at the right time could have turned things around, but those women didn't know what to do. It's sad because we know how they feel!

You, on the other hand, are the kind of person who wants more and who is willing to do something about it because you know life has all kinds of possibilities!

One Insight from This Program Can Make All the Difference

Don't be left wondering why things aren't working, or why he is distant now.

You can regain your man's interest and reinvent your image with him!

Celebrities and public figures hire professionals to help them do exactly these things all the time - and you can do this, too. You don't need to hire an expert; you can find out how to do fix what went wrong with your man by carefully going through my extremely detailed guide to fixing ANY "man mistake" no matter how tough it is!

But women are making these same mistakes DAY AFTER DAY, only because they don't know how to avoid these landmines. So LET ME HELP YOU avoid mistakes AND recover from any past mistakes. It can be done!

Let me get you back in the power position so that now, he's coming to you, instead of the other way around.

He can see you as not only the woman he fell in love with, but the woman he can imagine himself spending the rest of his life with.

You can have the relationship of your dreams but you need the wisdom to carry this off. Man Mistake Eraser is full of insights that will take you all the way. There's no other program out there with this level of understanding about men - especially when it comes to some very tricky, make-or-break moments.

Mistakes Happen, But They Don't Have to Ruin Your Love Life!

Since 2005, I've been known worldwide for my unique love life advice and programs.

There's not one single relationship problem I haven't heard about from literally thousands of women! (You're not alone!)

That's why it means so much to me that you get the specific methods to know how to handle this and turn it around with your man.

Not only that, but I want to make it as easy as possible for you to review my methods by taking all the risk off your shoulders!

But don't take my word for it - see for yourself. Try my methods out for 60 days, and if you don't agree that they contain the secrets to fixing any mistake, you will get every penny back, and you can even keep the bonuses for trying this out.

Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I understand that my order is covered by Mimi Tanner's zero-risk, iron-clad, 100% "This Is Going to Change My Love Life - or I Get My Money Back" guarantee:

I can try out the tips, tactics and strategies for a full 60 days. I agree to give it a fair try and if it's not worth at least 10 times more than I paid for it - or if it doesn't super-charge my love life - or if I'm not 100% satisfied with it for any reason, I'll receive a refund of my entire purchase price. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

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Regain His Interest and Let His Mind Do All the Work

You can regain your man's interest and reinvent your image with him!

Celebrities and public figures hire professionals to help them do exactly these things all the time - and you can do this, too.

You don't need to hire an expert; you can find out how to do fix what went wrong with your man by carefully going through my extremely detailed guide to fixing ANY "man mistake" no matter how tough it is!

Remember, to err is human. To recover with grace is... simply divine!

Mimi, I just wanted to tell you that because of you and your writings, the way I went about things, I got the best husband in the world. I was doing things all wrong. I took your advice and it worked. I still read all your emails.



I thoroughly love your emails.

I am also currently in a relationship with a very warm and loving man. He is nine years my junior. I almost ruined the relationship due to my insecurities.

However, reading your articles and two books giving me insight into the makeup of men, I was able to turn it around.

Now we are extremely happy and doing well. I thank you for all your research, input and care you put to each and every article.


A devoted reader

Discover How To Regain His Interest

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