The First Rule To Fix That Dating Disaster

Tip of the Day: Never approach any situation with a man when you're full of anger. Wait until that anger passes - in most cases, wait a full day.

You would give ANYTHING to take back what you said or did.

You're worried sick and losing sleep - because you fear that things will never be the same between you and him.

That's what a dating disaster feels like!

At a time like this, you need "damage control."

And you're in good company, because a dating disaster is a lot like when a celebrity does something scandalous.

They make a huge blunder and their entourage has to try and fix it - fast!

What happens? They trot out the media handlers, the publicists, the PR geniuses - the damage-control specialists.

These people are well paid to stop the bleeding.

It's nothing short of amazing how some notable people have managed to recover from horrendous scandals.

If they can do it, so can you. (And you won't have to be on the cover of a magazine.)

The very first step in Damage Control is to simply Stop Talking!!

Yes, indeed. Stop talking about the mistake completely.

The term "damage control" was first used about ships. It means taking control of an emergency situation - in which the ship is about to sink!

That's a perfect description. We all know the saying "loose lips can sink ships."

To work Damage Control Magic, the first rule is to clam up!!

This is truly an accomplishment in itself, because our natural urge is to talk out the problem.

This is also known as talking ourselves deeper and deeper into a hole, while we bury ourselves in the process!

So stop trying to explain what happened - especially if you're doing this "off the cuff."

Stop trying to justify anything or make excuses.

This is very difficult! Talking is usually easy. Silence is tough.

Often, explanations can only make matters worse.

How so? First, they keep the negative situation in your man's mind.

Second, you could end up saying something that makes the situation even worse. Obviously that's the last thing you want to do.

You can fix almost any mistake in a relationship, if you really want to.

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